Lunastarter has two types of staking pools. They are known as Locked and Unlocked pools.

Locked: It has an APY of 40%. Tokens will be locked for a certain duration based on their selection. This will have a better pool score as compared to unlocked pools.

Unlocked: It has an APY of 25%. Tokens can be unstaked anytime. However, if you unstake before the end of the duration, you won’t get any rewards that you earned and there will be a 10% deduction on your initial amount.

Staking durations: There will be 3 durations: 45 days, 90 days and 180 days.

Benefits of staking $BST tokens:

  • Rewards - All stakers will be rewarded with extra tokens based on the number of tokens and duration. Those staking in locked pools will be rewarded more as compared to those staking in unlocked pools.

  • Allocation - This is the most significant benefit of staking. Stakers will be provided allocation in a sale proportional to the amount of $BST staked by them.

  • Governance - Stakers will also have special voting power known as KRAZ which will allow them to accept or reject a project according to COSEM.

Minimum Staking Amount: 10,000 $BST

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