Allocation mechanism

There are two types of staking pools as told earlier: Locked (L) Unlocked (U)

Each staking pools have three durations: 45 days 90 days 180 days

Hence we have a total of 6 pools:- 45(L), 45(U), 90(L), 90(U), 180(L) and 180(U). Each pool is known as orbit. [45(L) means staked for a duration of 45 days in a locked pool]

Every duration has its own multiplier : 45(U) - 1x || 90(U) - 2x || 180(U) - 3x || 45(L) - 1.5x || 90(L) - 3x || 180(L) - 4.5x [Since locked pools have an advantage factor of 1.5]

These multipliers are known as Lynx Factors.

Lynx Power = No of tokens staked in a particular orbit / Total tokens staked

Orbit Capacity = Lynx Factor x Lynx Power

Tokens allocated for a particular stake = (Orbit Capacity / Total Orbit Capacity) x (Total tokens in that particular staked / Total tokens in that orbit ) x Tokens for sale

Note: A user can stake in multiple pools and each of his/her stakes will be taken as a different entity and allocation will be calculated separately and all of them will be added up to calculate the final allocation

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